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On Friday, June 19, 2020 5:56 PM, Rommel Rodriguez Toirac <romme...@nauta.cu> 

> Hello all;
> Does anyone know of a place to get a CentOS 8 container file similar to the
> ones at https://download.openvz.org/template/precreated/ for CentOS 7
> (centos-7-x86_64-minimal.tar.gz)
> https://download.openvz.org/template/precreated/
> https://download.openvz.org/template/precreated/centos-7-x86_64-minimal.tar.gz

If you run /usr/bin/pveam update, I believe you should be able to download 
"centos-8-default (20191016)" using the Templates button on a storage (in the 
Proxmox WebGUI) that has container templates enabled.

Is this not working for you? If so, which version of Proxmox do you use?
Or is that template not what you are looking for? Or did I understand your 
question wrong?

kind regards, Arjen

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