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* Hermann <p...@hw.wewi.de> [200630 10:51]:
> I would really appreciate being steered in the right direction as to the
> connection of Fibre-Channel-Luns in Proxmox.
> As far as I can see, FC-LUNs only appear als local blockdevices in PVE.
> If I have several LWL-Cables between my Cluster and these bloody
> expensive Storages, do I have to set up multipath manually in debian?

With most storages you need to configure multipath itself manually,
with the settings your storage vendor hands you.

Our setup for this is:

1. Manual multipath setup, we tend to enable find_multipaths "smart"
to avoid configuring all WWIDs everywhere and so on.

2. The LVM PVs go directly on the mpathXX devices (no partitioning).

3. One VG per mpath device. The VGs are then seen by Proxmox just
like always.

You have to take great care when removing block devices again, so
all PVE nodes release the VGs, PVs, all underlying device mapper
devices, and remove the physical sdXX devices, before removing the
exports from the storage side.
Often it's easier to reboot, and during the reboot fence access to
the to-be-removed LUN for the currently rebooting host.


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