On Sat, 17 Sep 2016, Ian Goldberg wrote:

> Hauppauge a little while back posted the #3 thing (that used to require
> the NDA) to their web page, no more NDA required.  So #2 and #3 are the
> same thing now.
> That thing is a *patch* to the kernel mainline pvrusb2 driver.  To
> install it, one has to download the kernel source, apply the patch
> (which applied perfectly cleanly), and rebuild.
> You can look at the patch yourself:
> http://hauppauge.lightpath.net/software/linux/linux-ubuntu-14-04-2.tar.xz

Got it.  And looked at it.

This is interesting, if #2 is what #3 used to be, then when #3 existed 
it was DEFINITELY a copyright infringement - because they would have 
been combining my GPL'ed code with their changes and then hiding it all 
behind an NDA.  Very, very uncool.

So I at least hope you're right that #3 is history and #2 is the 
present.  Still need to hear from them about that patch's licensing 
status before I can try to merge anything :-(



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