I finally ended up getting this to work, using this patch:


... and re-compiling the module on 4.9.75-204.el7.centos.armv7hl. It looks like I had been fighting some environment issues for my build environment but I ended up getting some help on that and everything is currently working as far as I can tell.

If there's anything I can provide and/or test, please let me know and I will be happy to do so.


On 02/04/2018 02:55 PM, is...@isely.net wrote:
No, I'm here.  Just completely unable to get to this item right at this
moment :-(  (That, and another report a few weeks ago that I need to


On Sat, 3 Feb 2018, Roger wrote:

I hear you, and I don't have any information for you.

Guess Mike, the author/maintainer, is on vacation again...

Compiling pvrusb2 module apparently fine on my x86/x64 kernels <= 4.9.76.

If anybody has any ideas please advise, thank you for your help.


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