Dear all,

I would like to know the output format units (x,y and f(x,y)) of iflag=2
and output format=7 in pp.x for plot_num=3.

 e.g output
             x                               y
      0.00000000E+00      0.00000000E+00      0.74307971E-02
      0.00000000E+00      0.13381399E+00      0.66185893E-02
      0.00000000E+00      0.26762798E+00      0.58173600E-02
      0.00000000E+00      0.40144197E+00      0.50624197E-02
      0.00000000E+00      0.53525595E+00      0.43694517E-02
      0.00000000E+00      0.66906994E+00      0.37497794E-02
      0.00000000E+00      0.80288393E+00      0.32265849E-02

Indeed, I would like to plot Local density of states in momentum space (Kx
and Ky) at the Fermi level. can any one suggest me regarding the plotting
process !!!

Thanks in advance

with regards
S. Applakondaiah
postdoctoral scholar,
SAINT, SKKU, South Korea
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