Dear QE developers and users,

I have asked the authorities to install QE 5.4.0 on university cluster
(operating system: CentOS) and now, after installation, something is wrong
with the parallel executions.
I perform pwscf run and in its output file, every step is repeated equal to
the number of cpu cores (N). It is similar to performing N serial runs
altogether, each on a single core (please see attached output file).
I had this problem on my personal cluster (operating system: Ubuntu 16.04
LTS) with QE 5.4.0 and QE 6.0 (not with QE 5.1 that I installed using sudo
apt-get install ... ). I am really confused right now, since I have no idea
whether it is related to QE or mpich2. Can you please recommend me on how
to solve this issue? Is there any specific setting in ./configure step?

Thanks for your kind response in advance.


With Best Regards
Afshin Arjhangemehr
PhD student in Radiation Application
Shahid Beheshti University G.C, Tehran, IRAN
(+98) 912 439 20 64

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