Dear Li MingkaiThe practical solution for your problem is to set verbosity = 
'high' in your control card, change ibrav to "1", ignore CELL_PARAMETERS card, 
then do your calculation.look at the head of your output file, then copy and 
paste the new  CELL_PARAMETERS and atomic positions for ibrav=0 and redo your 

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    Le Samedi 15 octobre 2016 0h30, Li Mingkai <> a écrit :

 Sorry. I forgot the input file.
Mingkai Li
On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 7:27 AM, Li Mingkai <> wrote:

I tried to do the scf calculation on a perturbated cell. I used 
"CELL_PARAMETERS alat" to specify vector. However, I got an error.
 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%     Error in routine set_sym_bl (3):     wrong number of 
symmetries! Use standard orientations for axis %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Since the cell is perturbated, there is no symmetry on it and space group 
should be P1. But it seemed that the pw.x tried to find some symmetry and got 
wrong number of symmetries. I tried nosym, nosym_vec, no_inv. Nothing works. I 
tried old version down to 5.0, which worked. After version 5.1, the error 
emergied. Of course, I tried to use celldm(1)~(6). It works well for all 
version. Since this input file is generated by a script automatically. I don't 
tend to modify the script a lot and try to figure out what happened before 
change everything. 
Mingkai Li
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