Dear all,
The mentioned equations are just for for ZnO, and they use some
experimental values of the conductivity. However, the method can be
replicated for other II-VI or III-V compounds. I would not dare to
replicate it for a different class of material.

Computing directly the carrier lifetime is mainly a matter of
eletron-phonon interactions and electron-defect interaction, and
electron-hole recombination. All of them could be done with the help of
Quantum ESPRESSO, using auxiliary codes, but I do not know any
implementation to do it.
I hope someone  hast and cat share it.

Eduardo Menendez-Proupin

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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 16:10:10 +0100
Subject: Re: [Pw_forum] carrier lifetime, diffusion length, mobility
Dear Abdullah

Yes you can calculate  indirectly all this parameter's by using Boltztrap

Boltztrap give you as output file ( carrier concentration,
conductivity/carrier lifetime)

so by using this equation [1] you can calculate carrier lifetime

[1]:K.P.Ong, D.J.Singh, P.Wu, Phys. Rev. B 83 (2011) 115110.

   carrier lifetime=2.53*(10^-5)*(T^-1)*(n^(-1/3))      [1]

were T:temperatur, n: carrier concentration.

and if u want calculate mobility use this equation :

      mobility=conductivity/(charge elementaire*carrier concentration)

i think if you have this parameters you can calculate diffusion length.
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