Unless you have written your own code (templates, actions, addresses), 
you do not need to run ComSwikiLauncher convertOldATA. If you are doing 
the conversion on a Mac, you may need my fix for uploads.

Peace and Luck!


On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 03:26:34PM +0100, Michael  Karliner wrote:
> Hi,
>               I'm having trouble converting a swiki 12 swiki to
>               the 1.0 Gamma. When I run ComSwikiLauncher convertOlddATA
>               I get a dialog that says '10 does not exist, choose another
>               name'. Page 10 does exist. Am I doing the conversion wrong?
>               Should the server be running when you do the convert? It's 
>               not obvious from the instructions.
>               cheers
>               Mike

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