On Montag 18 Mai 2009, Bryan Catanzaro wrote:
> Firstly, a big thank you to Andreas for PyCuda, which is really marvelous.
> I've gotten PyCuda working happily on Python 2.5, but for a variety of
> reasons I need to move to Python 2.6.  I get an error in the PyCuda
> driver.py when doing trying to call functions on Python 2.6.  I can
> reproduce this error outside my own code by running
> ($PYCUDA)/test/test_gpuarray.py
> Has anyone else seen this, or is it a problem in my particular
> installation?

One of my machines is on 2.6, and I can't reproduce this. Can you try and see 
if the error comes from the param_setv() or the pack() by splitting the line? 
Are you on 64 or 32 bit? What exact version of Python? of Boost? of PyCUDA?


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