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> I was wondering if there was a rough estimate of when / what would
> trigger 3d grids being supported in pycuda (is it only formal removal
> of the stateful interface in cuda that would cause this to happen?).
> We are running into issues where the real solution is to have a Z-grid
> > 1, and I'm trying to determine if implementing a workaround for only
> having 2d grids is worthwhile.  Thanks for any info!

If you have a little bit of time to spend on this, I'd recommend simply
implementing the new-style launch interface, and making PyCUDA use that
in the case of 3-dimensional grids. I imagine that would be about the
same amount of effort as implementing the workaround you speak of, and
it would remove the problem from this world once and for all. :)

If you need help getting started on this, let me know.


> PS - Apologies for the thread necromancy.

No problem--my mailer is up to the job. I like it!

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