Hi Karlijn,

The value of a Wiki is that it's user-editable. You have to create an
account, then let us know what it is and we can add editing privileges.

This looks like halfway reasonable content, but it would be MUCH better to
link straight to the cheat sheet. Sending them through a landing page
smacks of advertising, which is definitely not approved of in our
informational pages.

Having said which, there is also a Python Training page, where you might
find an appropriate place to publicize your courses. It's a long time since
I visited it.


PS: The usual abbreviation for "third" is "3rd", but the cheat sheet uses
"3d". Also the line reading "x = my_list > 3" should almost certainly read
"x = my_array > 3". Errors like that really reduce the value of the
content, and make the authors seem unreliable.

Steve Holden

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 2:36 PM, Karlijn Willems <karl...@datacamp.com>

> Hi
> As DataCamp's data journalist, I launched a Python For Data Science Cheat
> Sheet on the DataCamp community yesterday, covering the basics that
> beginners need to know in order to get started on doing data science with
> Python.
> You can find it here: https://www.datacamp.com/community/tutorials/python-
> data-science-cheat-sheet-basics
> I would love to get some feedback from you guys and I was wondering if you
> might consider adding this cheat sheet as an addition to the Beginner's
> guide of the Python Wiki.
> Thanks in advance for your time and looking forward to your reply
> Karlijn
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