As CTO and Co-Founder of Maven, I am writing to evangelize the Maven platform, 
and to show how professionals use Maven on a daily basis. As Maven celebrates 
our 10 year anniversary, we enter this new decade more excited than ever to 
help our customers solve any size problem and dominate their markets.


Maven is the world’s largest micro-consulting platform, providing access to 
500,000+ professionals from more than 200 countries. Our community of on 
the ground experts are available to immediately consult with you by the minute, 
hour, day, or for extended periods of time. Our bespoke SaaS platform uses 
advanced search and machine learning technologies to find, deconflict and 
ultimately compensate Maven’s sharing their expertise with our customers. Maven 
applications drive the collaborations, resulting in the fastest and most 
efficient methodology available to access deep expertise.


Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about Maven and how 
our toolset can help address your business challenges; I will be sure to have 
someone from my team reach out to you to coordinate a time that works best for 
your schedule. 

In the meantime, for additional detail, you can find a brief info packet on 
Maven’s capabilities HERE.  

Kind Regards,


 Mark Platosh
Chief Technology Officer
                        Maven - Faster Insights. Smarter Decisions.

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