Hello all, just joined (thanks Olivier) and wanted to share a little bit of
code with you in case you thought it useful.  I got a canon 7d little while
ago and noticed that the builtin screen indicates with red boxes which
focus points were used.  I thought that was interesting so I went trudging
through the exif info to see if I could generate images showing the focus
points as well.  this is what i ended up with.  grey boxes showing all
focus points. white for subset which were active when the shot was
composed, and red for the ones that were used to take the shot.  please
excuse the code duplication, i haven't cleaned up the code yet to deal with
dcraw rotating the image for me.  You can just ignore the clauses for

I was thinking that perhaps these values (focuspointwidth,
focuspointheight, focuspointxpos, focuspointypos, activeafpoints, afpoints)
could be exposed more directly.  interested in your thoughts.


class cr2imagewriter():
    def __init__(self, imagedata, metadata, filename):

        # for exifdatum in metadata.exif_keys:
        #    print 'exif key %s val %s' % (exifdatum,
        # print '11','#' * 80,'\n'

            exif_dim = metadata['Exif.Canon.AFInfo'].value[4:6]

            focuspointwidth = metadata['Exif.Canon.AFInfo'].value[8:8+19]
            focuspointheight = metadata['Exif.Canon.AFInfo'].value[27:27+19]

            focuspointxpos = [unpack('=h', pack('=H', i & 0xffff))[0] for i
in metadata['Exif.Canon.AFInfo'].value[46:46+19]]
            focuspointypos = [unpack('=h', pack('=H', i & 0xffff))[0] for i
in metadata['Exif.Canon.AFInfo'].value[65:65+19]]

            activeafpoints = [unpack('=h', pack('=H', i & 0xffff))[0] for i
in metadata['Exif.Canon.AFInfo'].value[84:85]]
            afpoints = [unpack('=h', pack('=H', i & 0xffff))[0] for i in

            draw = ImageDraw.Draw(imagedata)
            (xsize, ysize) = imagedata.size

            print 'my size %dx%d' % (xsize, ysize)
            rotatepic = False

            if (ysize > xsize):
                # dcraw automatically rotates the image it feeds me
                # my heuristic for determining this is to check y size vs
                # and then munge my x and y coordinates to scribble
                # sideways when i write my rectangles
                rotatepic = True
                widthadjust = float(exif_dim[0])/float(ysize)
                heightadjust = float(exif_dim[1])/float(xsize)
                widthadjust = float(exif_dim[0])/float(xsize)
                heightadjust = float(exif_dim[1])/float(ysize)

            print 'my size2 %dx%d' % (xsize, ysize)
            print 'exif_dim %dx%d' % (exif_dim[0], exif_dim[1])

            print 'width ratio is %f' % widthadjust
            print 'height ratio is %f' % heightadjust

            for i in range(0, len(focuspointwidth)):
                if 1 == activeafpoints[0]>>i&1:
                    color = ImageColor.getrgb("red")
                    if 1 == afpoints[0]>>i&1:
                        color = ImageColor.getrgb("white")
                        color = ImageColor.getrgb("grey")
                if rotatepic:




                                   fill=None, outline=color)





                                   fill=None, outline=color)


        imagedata.save(file(filename, "w"), 'JPEG', quality=85,

where, earlier in the code:
            metadata = pyexiv2.ImageMetadata(pic)

                dcraw = subprocess.Popen(['dcraw', '-b', '2.5', '-c', '-w',
'-W', '-v', '-q', '3', pic], stdout=PIPE, universal_newlines=False)

                dcrawdata = dcraw.communicate()[0]

                print 'name ', pic
                print 'dcraw data %d' % len(dcrawdata)

                ImageFile.MAXBLOCK = 75000000 # default is 64k

                imagedata = Image.open(cStringIO.StringIO(dcrawdata))
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