After adding the cflags, OSError changed from 
OSError: /tmp/pyfr-8-h9fm36dc/libtmp.so: undefined symbol: _ZGVcN8v_sinf
OSError: /tmp/pyfr-2-8wfed_td/libtmp.so: undefined symbol: 

Then I tried g++ and gfortran and the gfortran compiler worked!

Thanks anyways!

在 2016年10月13日星期四 UTC+8下午9:59:58,Freddie Witherden写道:
> Hi, 
> On 13/10/2016 06:31, 個什伯 wrote: 
> > ‎Compiler is gcc and version is 6.1.1 
> For some compilers it is necessary to add: 
> [backend-openmp] 
> cflags = -lmvec 
> to your .ini file. 
> Regards, Freddie. 

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