The problem appears to be that the path was not handled correctly. The 
backslashes used for the path in windows were interpreted as escapes and I 
got "\\x08in" and not "\\bin".

I changed this in row 125-127 in pyfr\backends\openmp\

            # If an exception is raised, load from the original path
            except OSError:


                for char in lpath:
                        new_string += escape_dict[char]
                    except KeyError:
                        new_string += char
                lpath = new_string

                return CDLL(lpath) 

This seems to work!

Now I got this problem instead
KeyError: <class 'numpy.int32'>
as described here:!searchin/pyfrmailinglist/KeyError$3A$20%3Cclass$20$27numpy.int32$27%3E%7Csort:date/pyfrmailinglist/UYBMh6Uf-qI/AIW3NnRLIQwJ

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