I've never seen pycharm open a project from the Finder, or equivalent in
Windows or Linux.  However, if you pass a full path to the project folder
to the pycharm.sh (linux, i think also mac osx) it will open the project.
I'm a daily user of pycharm, so it is almost never closed....

Using that information, you could maybe create a context menu helper (i'm
not familar enough with os x to advise how to do that) that launches
pycharm with the correct path appended to the pycharm launcher.

Hope that helps.

On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 6:54 PM, Irv Kalb <i...@furrypants.com> wrote:

> I teach Python programming at different colleges.  In my courses I use
> IDLE because of the simplicity of use for new programming students.
> However, when I'm doing any significant development, I use PyCharm (I'm a
> big fan of using a debugger, and I cannot understand or use the debugger in
> IDLE.)  I can't seem to find the appropriate place to ask this question in
> the PyCharm support pages, so I hope that there is a PyCharm user here who
> can answer my question.
> I have built a number of different projects in PyCharm where each project
> consists of a number of Python files (main and class files).  This is all
> working fine.  And I can certainly re-open projects from inside PyCharm.
> However, what I would like to do, is to open a project from the Mac
> Finder.  That is, I have a project in a folder, and I've got the folder
> open, but I don't have PyCharm running.  I want to double click on
> something in the folder and have it bring up my project in a PyCharm
> window.  But I cannot figure out how to do this - or even if it is possible.
> I know that there is a hidden folder called the ".idea" folder, and I know
> how to make it show up in the Finder (command + shift + period).  But that
> is a folder, and opening the folder shows three xml files and an "imi" file
> - all of which are just text files.
> So, the question is: How can I open a PyCharm project from the Mac Finder?
> Thanks,
> Irv

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