*TLDR; If you see anywhere on the net that has outdated install/compile
instructions, please let them know, and send them a link to GettingStarted.*

One thing I've noticed is that there are quite a few web pages on the
interwebs describing 'how to install pygame'. Which were all helpful in the
past, but are now out of date. The pygame website itself is one place with
outdated instructions too. Now they just cause people to fail to install
old versions of pygame, and for them to report the same old bugs again and

I'm asking people to:

   1. Link to the Getting Started guide, which should have tested
   installation methods for many platform/python combinations:
   2. Update instructions that tell people to install from the outdated
   bitbucket repository (we moved to github).

I'll be updating the pygame website itself to follow this advice in parts
where it isn't current.
Also soon, the bitbucket repo setup.py will get a message added to it:

   - telling people we have moved to github,
   - to see https://www.pygame.org/wiki/GettingStarted for updated

In the coming months I'll make that bitbucket repo error, with the same

Additionally, I'll add a message on compile failure to link to the relevant
Compile* page.
Eg, if there's a failure on a Ubuntu machine it will link to the compile
page for Ubuntu. https://www.pygame.org/wiki/CompileUbuntu

For all the compile pages, they will be updated to add the versions they
were confirmed working (luckily, this info is sort of stored in the wiki
version history). Old versions of Ubuntu require different compilation
advice to the latest Ubuntu versions.

Latest version instructions will be up the top of the page, and old
versions underneath. I'll also gather links from around the internet,
because sometimes better compilation instructions are listed on peoples
blog posts than in the wiki.

All the Compile pages are listed here:
Further development/contributing instructions are listed here:

Hopefully giving the Compile* pages some more structure, they will become
better in the future.


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