so, there are some documentation updates on https://www.pygame.org/docs/
(note, that pygame.org now redirects to https://www.pygame.org, thanks to
Peter Bittner for the nudge and issue report).

The website documentation builder was waiting for updates from bitbucket.
lol? oops. I had to write a new github integration, so now commits to
master on github will cause the website docs to be rebuilt automatically

And python -m pygame.docs didn't work with the wheel builds... because they
don't include docs (for some reason). So now, if the docs can't be found
locally, it opens the web browser instead.

There were a bunch of documentation updates from Ian Mallett and Lenard
Lindstrom which are finally up on the website. Lots of editing, and
improvements to the tutorials.

Additionally a bunch of old links were fixed. Mostly to point to https://
versions of pages.

The docs are being built with a new version of sphinx, which has nicer
output in a few ways. See

Also, the launchpad PPA is building again. It got stuck because someone
snuck a gpg field in their git commit, which broke the bzr mirror code.
Except the packaging for that ppa is from 2013... and needs updating.
Luckily it seems a few people have done the packaging work in various
flavours of Debian... but somehow none of them have gone through. But
anyway... The badge is getting made again(displayed on the readme) with the
github webhook, and will alert us if things break on

Finally, I updated all the bitbucket wiki pages to point to the same link
on the pygame wiki (https://www.pygame.org/wiki). eg,
https://bitbucket.org/pygame/pygame/wiki/CookBook points to


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