Hi Sean,

No one is, as far as I'm aware.
There used to be one, but homebrew removed all python packages I think.
You can probably find the previous maintainers with some searching.

Happy to help you out if you need it.

The mac homebrew compile instructions are here:

Note, we currently recommend people use this to install stuff.
python3 -m pip -U install pygame --user

With a whole bunch of platform specific notes at:

That doesn't install into the system folder, but into a user folder.
It's unfortunate that pip still destroys stuff by default.

ps. it looks like you need to sign up to the mailing list at:
Seems your post is just on the google mirror of the mailing list.
Sorry for the confusion.

On Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 4:07:59 AM UTC+1, SeanSF wrote:
> Hey all, so it appears that installing pygame on the newer OSX versions is 
> extremely problematic. On a friend's computer I tried pip and easy_install, 
> and both ran into conflicts with the system python and root/nonroot install 
> paths.
> Rather than get into the specific problem here, can I ask the simple 
> question -- is anybody working on or actively maintaining a an OSX homebrew 
> tap for pygame? If not, I might jump into the fray and give it a shot.
> This way we can get back to just 'brew install python-pygame' and you're 
> done.
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