pyweek is almost on...

The next PyWeek <> will run from September 22nd to
> 28th and registration is now open <>.
> A new feature allows you to mark your team as *open*, allowing other
> entrants to request to join you.
> As a frequent entrant in the past, I'd like you ask you to consider
> leading an open team for this competition, to encourage more people to
> enter and participate in creating a finished game. Please register open
> teams early to give people time to join.
> If you are welcoming new participants onto your team, please try to create
> an constructive, collaborative environment, and please remember that teams
> should be run according to the PyWeek Code of Conduct
> <>.

Getting the word out...
Part of a local meetup group? Why not ask some people to join your team?

Or perhaps you're part of some not-pygame using python graphics/games
library groups (pyglet, kivy, etc)? Maybe they want to join in the fun too?

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