Hi Dan, 

I still get confused with mercurial sometimes myself, so you're definitely 
not alone there.

I finally found a few minutes to give this a try. Unfortunately it looks 
like the latest version doesn't play any audio at all for me. The video 
also seems to stutter on every video now, which maybe makes sense since 
something is up with the audio. 

I also ran a few profiles using vmprof (awesome tool, if you've not tried 
it). You can see some of my results here with two different videos, a 1080p 
mkv and 720p mp4, both x264 codec:
(python -m vmprof --web media_player <video>)
As far as I can tell it looks normal. The time seems to be spent pretty 
much where you would expect, since it's mainly just moving data around and 
updating textures. 

Nice work on the package. I'll have a look at it and see if I can figure 
out the import issue. 

On Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 2:24:06 AM UTC+9, Daniel Gillet wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you Benjamin for taking the time to test this. It would be great 
> indeed to update the media_player code. If you can take care of the graphic 
> part, that would be awesome.
> I made a new commit. I'm afraid I put 2 changes in that commit. As I'm not 
> super familiar with mercurial, I didn't know how to commit only the changes 
> I want, in order to split the changes in 2 commits. With Git, there is git 
> add --interactive. Anyway, I didn't want to spend too much time on this, so 
> I just committed those changes in a single commit.
> One change is about determining the average frame rate of the video and 
> using that number to refresh the texture at an appropriate time. I hope 
> this would help to reduce the "choppiness" you describe. I must say I don't 
> really notice the same here. But it probably depends also on the video 
> you're playing.
> The second change is about re-organizing the code in a sub-package. I'm 
> not entirely happy with it. You'll notice under ffmpeg/__init__.py that I 
> commented out some imports. If I uncomment them, there is a problem with 
> some imports. I don't fully understand why. If you could have a look at it, 
> that would help too.
> Dan

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