I'm a contributor to Arcade, the Python 3.6+ 2d game library. I'm 
converting the existing doctests to pytest and trying to introduce some 
faster unit testing. In particular, not firing up a GUI window on each test.

I had hoped to make a MockWindow that I used to stub 
pyglet.window.BaseWindow. The challenge: this line:

from pyglet.window import Window

...immediately triggers a GUI window. Here are the last three lines in 

# XXX remove
# Create shadow window. (trickery is for circular import)
if not _is_pyglet_docgen:
    pyglet.window = sys.modules[__name__]

The last line is done with non-import trickery that appears beyond the 
reach of mocking. Thus, I'm interested in some feedback:

- Am I totally on the wrong path, and unit testing a method on a subclass 
of BaseWindow requires a window?

- Should I refactor arcade.Window to subclass from something which 
subclasses BaseWindow, to give me a place to step in?

- Does anybody have a pyglet application with tests that don't spawn 

Thanks, and I confess that it is likely I am looking at this all wrong.


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