I've been reading some conflicting advice on PyGTK and threading
recently, probably because the API went through some fairly rapid
changes recently.

I'm a bit confused about the following points (consider them in
context of PyGTK/PyGObject unstable, ie. 2.17/2.21 respectively):

  1. If I want to do async activity in a new Python thread spawned
from the main loop, I need to have called glib.threads_init() *before*
starting the main loop, right? But what about gtk.gdk.threads_init()?
  2. Any GTK interaction, such as emitting a signal from this new
thread, must be either:
      a. done via glib.idle_add (if I'm happy to let GTK do it
whenever it next feels like it), -OR-
      b. wrapped in gtk.gdk.threads_enter()/...leave(), -OR-
      c. in a "with: gtk.gdk.lock:" block (equivalent to 2.b)
  3. I don't need to do the threads_enter/leave (or use the context
manager) if I only use glib.idle_add (or timeout_add, etc)

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