That reminds me... I've had v0.4.2 ready to go for some time now. Tthe Linux/source release is on Sourceforge now. The Windows installer will follow later.

Changes in this release are:

* pycdg: Support starting files without .cdg extension for tab-completion
* Fix Border Preset commands (don't clear entire screen)
* pycdg: play CDGs without an MP3 file for test purposes
* pycdg: Fix FutureWarning on 0xFFFFFFFFs
* pycdg: Fix option type 'str' for optparse
* GUI: Reorder Playlist (drag & drop)
* GUI: Drag and drop from Search View to Playlist
* GUI: Drag and drop from Folder View to Playlist
* GUI: Made some of the GUI features reusable by other scripts (Craig Rindy)
* GUI: Fix non-ASCII characters in filenames (Craig Rindy)


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