Hi everyone,

I just recently started work on a project where I wanted to use PeeWee  as 
my orm. I like peewee's simple yet powerful syntax and find it generally 
simple to use. That said I decided to write  pyramid module to  incorporte 
peewee into my project. it's still very raw and has no unit tests, but it 
seems to work. I'd love to get some advise on  it. If anyone is interested 
the poject is pyramid_peewee at bitbicket 
(https://bitbucket.org/jjgalvez/pyramid_peewee) you can clone it with a 
simple hg clone https://bitbucket.org/jjgalvez/pyramid_peewee.  Let me know 
what you all think. Note there is some code that I lifted from the current 
version of pyramid_jinja2 which  I still need to properly credit in my read 


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