Thank you for your suggestions honestly that had been bothering me too. I 
removed the tween from the code completly an in its place I added a request 
method of the same name as the database proxy object which opens a 
connection and then registers a final_callback method to close the 
connection. I like this in that it is cleaner in not opening a database 
connection if its not needed, but it does require you to explicily open a 
connetion rather then having one magicaly availabe to use. 

On Monday, July 20, 2015 at 2:48:29 PM UTC-4, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> I'm not sure what `request.peewee_dbs()[db].connect()` does, but I would 
> probably recommend against this db setup pattern that you're using.  By 
> doing this in a tween, every request that pyramid handles will do a 
> connect/disconnect to all the databases you defined.
> One of the more popular patterns to implement db connections is something 
> like this:
> - `add_request_method` provides an object that either returns an database 
> connection, or creates a new one.
> - if you create a new connection, it registers a 'db.close()' via 
> `add_finished_callback`
> this way you only connect as needed, and disconnect to actually connected 
> databases.

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