I haven't seen one as yet.

I am pretty much in agreement with Iain Duncan.

I am a build it myself person. I have a light weight CMS based on Pyramid 
running on appengine that has been running for years.

We currently use an hosted ecommerce platform (ePages) but have had enough 
of it.  I will be adding ecommerce directly to our CMS over the next six 

However I don't think I will implement the payment component myself, but 
will probably use FoxyCart as a service.

Most of the work I need to tackle is the product management, related items, 
spares, technical details of the products, upsells etc..

It also has to link to the POS I developed that we run in the shop.  That 
way I only have to manage product details (pricing ) in  one place, at the 
moment we have it in 3 places for instance ;-(
Though the are rudimentary batch updates to keep it all in sync.

So none of the other platforms suit me (I am personally not a big fan of 
Django ) and pyramid worked so well on appengine for me, so it's the 
logical path forward at the moment.



On Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 4:39:47 PM UTC+8, Ecommerce Platform 
Architect wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have been using Python based framework for quite sometime and have built 
> social networking platform, CMS platform for Videos etc. using python 
> frameworks. 
> Right now I am evaluating a platform for Ecommerce which is our company's 
> next target. Hence, I was wondering if there's any open-source ecommerce 
> platform built on Pyramid. For example Django has Oscar, Saleor etc. 
> We could build the platform ground up but time to market is of essence. 
> Hence, was looking for some already available modules/framework.
> Would appreciate your help/response.
> Thanks. 

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