Hi folks, I wanted to weigh in on the decision to deprecate --daemon, as I
think that's a bad idea. I agree that in production we should use "real
monitor services", but during the development process I use --daemon
routinely, and I doubt my workflow is that uncommon. I am constantly
putting dev versions up on private ec2 instances for my remote team mates
to poke at. It's really convenient to be able to get it up as fast as
possible, and any additional steps for these demo apps are a pain. Right
now it's dead easy for me to turn on with daemone and add three lines to
the default apache config file to proxy to the server and I'm done.

I would also argue that in the marketing sense, the last thing Pyramid
needs is to be seen as even more 'roll your own' and inconvenient. I would
vote for leaving it in and simply printing a warning. For me at least, it's
going to be a headache and will prob mean for simple demos I pin to Pyramid

thanks for listening

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