Hi all,

The request is  available almost everywhere is a pyramid application. This 
makes it seductive to use the request to pack many more properties to the 
request und (mis?)use it as a carrier for some kind of "dependency 

I already added the current DB connection (which seems to be a widley used 
pattern) to it, and some other small thing. But I am wondering how the 
request is meant to be used. Is it OK to use the request for such things? I 
tend to say that adding more and more properties to the request (even if 
they are related to the request) is some kind of misuse and not intended by 
the developers.

What do you think?

For those who are interested in some background of this question: This 
questions arised when talking about how to implement Feature Toggles. 
See https://github.com/ringo-framework/ringo/issues/6

best regards,

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