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I think with the advent of montague by Joe Rosenbaugh as well as
12-factor app design I know, personally, that I'm ready to start
having a conversation about what to do in this space.

Still, it would be nice to have something cleaner than INI and
PasteDeploy in Pyramid's default, but I also don't know what would
be a good candidate for that.

Raw python literal expressions parsed with ast.literal_eval(),
read from a file.

Sounds fun, but my python-fu is not strong.  Here's
a horrible example:

Appended is a better proof-of-concept.
It extends the original by allowing tuple values.

I thought maybe montague would do this, but I don't see it.

Montague can definitely allow this -- it doesn't ship with support for any format except INI files, but it's got pluggable support for other formats.

You just need to pick a file extension for this particular file format, and make a package that provides an entry point for that file extension, and which implements a simple interface. Talk to me on IRC or by email and I'll walk you through this.

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