On Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017 16:33:17 Michael Merickel wrote:
> I got the renderer working via the following diff. Unfortunately the
> translator is still not invoked which leads me to believe that there is
> something wrong with the i18n tags in the chameleon templates, but I don't
> know enough about chameleon to dive in there. Hopefully this was helpful
> though.

Thank you for that. 

I found the culprit! The call to:


intercepts the translation handling by replacing the carefully constructed 
zpt_renderer with a default one, that omits any translators.

Hrmpf. I'm preparing fixes for deformdemo at the moment, and will report this 
issue to the deform project.

While at it, what is the purpose of these hidden schema nodes:

            _LOCALE_ = colander.SchemaNode(


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