Previously Mike Orr wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 8:38 PM, Iain Duncan <> wrote:
> >
> > Hi folks, I totally do not want to start a flame war here, but was
> > wondering if people could give me their reasons for preferring buildout
> > or virtualenv for automated builds of pylons apps or other wsgi apps.
> Virtualenv is more popular because it follows traditional Python usage
> for the most part.  You install packages interactively  and can change
> your mind at any time.  Buildout's configuration recipes are hard for
> many people to memorize, and it's more suited to situations where you
> know ahead of time exactly which libraries you'll need   You can
> change the configuration and rebuild the environment from scratch, but
> it's not as easy as installing an experimental package, trying it out,
> and then uninstalling it if you don't like it.So with virtualenv you
> can use the same tools for development as you use for deployment,
> whereas buildout is more of a deployment-only thing.

I do not fully agree with that: I use buildout for development all the
time. One very very important thing buildout adds is repeatability. I
can take my buildout and deploy it it any random other machine and be
sure that I will have the exact same environment afterwards, down to
exact package versions if needed.

Adding more librares with buildout is just as simple as with virtualend,
the pattern is just a bit different: instead of running easy_install you
add declare the new dependency in and re-run buildout. This
has the advantage of guaranteeing that your dependencies are declared
correctly: buildout will happily install everything you need and
uninstall everything you do not need to keep the system as clean as


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