On Tuesday, February 17, 2004, at 02:57  PM, ALEX DAJKOVIC wrote:

i am new to pymol and am trying to figure out how to differentially
color different chains (i.e. different proteins) in the structure i am
viewing. the structure i am working with is actually a structure of two
proteins that were co-crystalized and i would like assign different
colors to them.
thanks for your help.
alex dajkovic

Hello Alex, I think what you want is to use the 'select' function in combination with the 'resi' function. This is documented in the reference manual. Following is a helpful summary that was sent to me by Robert L. Campbell, Ph.D.

Let's say I wanted to create a single residue selection for Lysine 465 (and I choose to call the selection 'K465'), so that I could color and display it the way I wanted: (insert your particular atom coordinates file name where you see square brackets below)
select K465, ([filename] and chain A and resi 465)

or you could shorten the selection string:

select ak465, (abc & c. a and r. 465)

or use the shorthand notation:

select ak465, /abc//a/465
Now to create multiple residue selections, just separate the start and end residue numbers by a colon, I think, following the word 'resi'

Once you create your unique selections they show up in the right panel list and you can further manipulate their display properties as you see fit.


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