color red, 5paa and elem o

The problem with using asterices as wildcards in atom names is that some
ill-conceived PDB files actually use them in atom names. 

However, PyMOL does support the use of a terminal wildcard in some cases,
such as with the delete command...

create obj01, none
create obj02, none
delete obj*

And with residue names

color red, as*
color blue, gl*
color pink, hi*


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> John Berrisford
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> Subject: [PyMOL] selecting multiple atoms ie oxygen
> I wish to select multiple oxygens (labelled O1, O2 etc.. 
> within my pdb file) and colour them red for example. Is there 
> any easy way of doing this other than typing out a list of 
> all the oxygens I wish to select?
> eg. color red, (5paa and (name o1+o1a+o2+o3+o4+o5+o1p+o2p+o3p))
> I know in molscript its posible to use a o* label to select 
> all oxygens, is such a switch possible in pymol. It doesn't 
> work, or I am using the wrong syntax if its possible.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
> John
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