MacPyMOL beta testers:

Are the latest beta builds of MacPyMOL still exhibiting a significant number
of spontaneous crashes in your hands?

So far, I have been utterly unable to reproduce the reported instability on
my G4 and G5 test systems.  Thus, I am wondering whether the problems might
be related to some sort of hardware or OS variability.  If you are still
experiencing consistent problems, then please provide specific details on
your system:

- Processor/Mac Model
- Graphics Card
- Specific MacOS version #.
- Latest beta version used.

For Windows & Linux users:

   I have also posted a couple of equivalent beta builds for Linux and
Windows.  If you would like to cautiously play around with and provide
feedback on the development versions, then you may do so via:  However, please do not treat these build as formal
releases.  They are not too stable and certain aspects of the user interface
remain fluid as old demons are exorcized and new demons understood.  


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