Yes, there is a practical limit which depends on (1) the amount of
RAM and (2) the operating system.  For reasons I don't completely
understand, PyMOL isn't able to get as much memory under Windows as under
Linux or OSX on equivalent system.

There are some things you can do to simply the scene, depending on which
representation you're using:

For spheres:

  set cull_spheres,0
  set sphere_quality,0

For sticks:

  set stick_quality,5

For cartoons:

  set cartoon_sampling, 3

When ray-tracing, lowering hash_max decreases memory usage at the cost of
performance (and vice-versa).
  set hash_max, 70

Also, the most recent beta versions usage less memory when raytracing...

I think 400k atoms is reasonable for 512 MB.  Which virus structure file are
you trying to render?


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> dieter blaas
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> Subject: [PyMOL] Are there limits for the number of 
> coordinates accepted?
> When I tried to render a virus surface (about 400 000 
> coordinates) using a PC with 512MB RAM Pymol crashed 
> immediately. Is there a limit for the number of coordinates 
> accepted? Do I have to decrease the resolution by some means? 
> Thanx, Dieter
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