* Lieven Buts <lie...@ultr.vub.ac.be> [2004-03-02 09:03] wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 March 2004 07:56, Matt Franklin wrote:
> > [...snip...]  I then realized that I
> > had absolutely no idea how to restore the default surface coloring!
> > (Except by quitting and restarting...)
> >
> > "set surface_color, default" didn't work, nor did "set surface_color,
> > atom_color".  All I could get was solid colors.  I'm guessing there's
> > some special color name I should be using, but what is it?
> You can use something like 
>     color white,object
> to set an object to a fixed color, or the utility command
>     util.cbag("object")
> (note the parentheses and quotes) to color the object by 
> atom type and set the carbon atoms to green.
> There's "cbag" for "color by atom type, carbons green", "cbaw" for white 
> carbons, "cbay" for yellow carbons and so on.
> Alternatively, you can use the color menu in the internal GUI.

Or you could type:

  set surface_color, -1

or if you had set the surface_color for a particular object, then you
would type:

  set surface_color, -1, objectname

where "-1" is the way of resetting to the default. This also works
for other settings that show up as "default" in the "Settings -> Edit
All..." GUI.

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