one other option. if you use ssh (instead of telnet) ... use the '-X' flag and there's no need use the xhost command: ssh -X u...@hostname

see 'man ssh' for all options -- your server may need to be setup to use this specific switch. if you are under windows, you can check out 'cygwin' to connect to a remote server too (it provides a nice bash command prompt for windows & X).


On Mar 18, 2004, at 12:50 AM, Lihua Wang wrote:

If your both your remote and local systems are UNIX/LINUX/IRIX/SUN, you
can use the "xhost remote_address" command before you launch the
application. If your local machine is windows based, then you need a 3rd
party software, e.g. x-win32 or hummingbird exceed.

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