Dear PyMOL-ers,

I have written a PyMOL extension which is useful when manipulating
multiple density maps at once.

This script creates a new window containing one slider bar for each map
currently loaded into PyMOL, and creates an isomesh object for each
map.  By moving a slider bar, the contour level of the appropriate mesh
object is changed interactively.

The script is available from my PyMOL webpage, where you can also see a
screenshot of it in action:

To use it, try the following PyMOL commands:

    load any_old_map.ccp4
    load another_map.ccp4


P.S. I tried to add a button which, when clicked, would toggle the
appropriate isosurface representation between mesh and solid ... but my
Python/Tk programming leaves a lot to be desired!  Maybe there are some
gurus out there who can sort it out...?

 Gareth Stockwell
 EMBL - European Bioinformatics Institute
 Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
 Cambridge CB10 1SD                               
 Tel 01223 492548                     

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