> Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 12:31 PM
> To: Warren DeLano
> Subject: multi-instances of pymol on OS X
> Hi, Warren,
> Is it possible that I can run multiple instances of pymol on OS X? 
> After I opened pymol, if I double click pymol again it won't 
> open a new pymol but just return to the already opened one. 
> But I can do this easily under linux. I just want to have 
> several pymol windows at the same time to show different things.
> Thank you very much.

Yes, this is possible -- but the only way I current know is to run the
executable from the command line:


I recommend create a small script to do this:

/Applications/MacPyMOL.app/Contents/MacOS/PyMOL $*

which I then save as:


Obviously, MacPyMOL needs to be in your applications folder in order to do

If you are using the unrestricted native version (with no menus), then
simply replace MacPyMOL with PyMOL in the above -- but MacPyMOL is far
superior... http://delsci.com/macpymol


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