Hey folks,

Is this a bug or my incorrect usage of PyMol?  (Using 0.95 on a Dual
64-bit Opteron SuSe 9.0 system.)

I used this script (http://vertrees.org/~tree/fade_out.py) to create
some images for a my first super-simple movie

The image (http://vertrees.org/~tree/bad_spheres.png) is the last image
the script creates.

The problem is that
  set sphere_transparency, 0 
doesn't seem to work after my script is run.  (The bad_spheres.png above
show the command and resulting PyMol model/state.)  So the
bad_spheres.png file doesn't respond to 'set sphere_transparency, 0'.  

I'm a novice at PyMol and Python scripting, so I'm sure this is my fault
instead of PyMol's.

I've tried new selections, enable/disabling things and whatnot. Still
sphere's refuse to play nicely.  Oddly enough, 'hide spheres' works
well.  I've also 'mclear'ed and more.

Any ideas?


-- Jason


Jason Vertrees
BSCB Graduate Student @ UTMB, Galveston
javer...@utmb.edu :: http://www.bscb.utmb.edu

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