(I'm running v0.95 on win2000)
My pymolrc calls several extension scripts that I commonly use (for example)

run "/Program Files/DeLano Scientific/PyMOL/scripts/color_b.py"

This worked in v0.93 (in fact, it even worked with a relative path to
the script from the pymol.exe location, no matter where I started PyMOL
from). However, after updating to v.095 the parser can no longer find these
files. I've tried calling the files as C:\thing\thing\thing.py and so
on, but so far, no luck. Is this a bona-fide bug or have others run
into this problem and found a solution?

Jacob Corn
UC Berkeley - Berger Lab
Lab: 510-643-9491
Cell: 925-408-8579

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