Hi Hanspeter,
If you want to use a stock pdb that does not contain chain IDs, you should 
the object using either a residue or atom selection. For example
(using residue ids for kinesin)
create kin=(/1BG2///3:325/)

However, for your convenience I've attached a modified pdb that
contains different chain IDs for each molecule in the PDB.
kinesin = A
acetate = C
water = W

The new PDB was made using MOLEMAN2 (from the Uppsala Software Factory -

Saturday, April 17, 2004, 1:03:55 PM, you wrote:

HN> I'm trying to create an object of a protein from a PDB file that doesn't
HN> give a chain ID (pdb is 1BG2).

HN> I normally do something like:

HN> create atub=(/1jff//a/)

HN> to pull a specific chain out of a PDB file, but 1BG2 doesn't have a chain
HN> name.  And if i use "create kin=(/1BG2////)", the object kin gets ALL the
HN> elements from 1BG2, including the waters, nucleotide, and ions, which is
HN> exactly what I'm trying to not do.

HN> How can I create an object out from a nameless chain?

HN> Hanspeter

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