Hi Warren and Jason.

I've playing around once with nice movies but memory has been a problem.  
Now I got a dual Athlon with 2Mb Ram, but didn't test it yet, I'm afraid 
(such server cannot stop :-).

Warren, you really have a great software and I really want to do with it 
what I've done with VMD.  See an example:

I'm wondering if (and that's my suggestion to you Jason) it'd be a nice 
idea parting you movie in several takes (as I did for the example above), 
like "playing-as-a-director-in-a-real-movie".

When I get a spare time I'll try to get back to my movies.


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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Does (PDB) size really matter? (Jason Vertrees)
> Warren,
> Thanks!  I was setting 'hash_max' higher and higher (but my memory
> monitor always showed at least 90 megs free at the least).  I'll try the
> lower hash_max; I'll try lower this time.
> I think we have a really great movie in the works, and as I play with
> PyMol more and more, I can make much cooler things.  You've got some
> great software here!
> My 0.96b2 PSE file is bzipped, for all to download, at
> http://www.vertrees.org/~tree/scene1.pse.bz2 it's about 2.7 MB; The 0.95
> PSE file is http://www.vertrees.org/~tree/095_scene1.pse.bz2. 
> atom_count is about 85,000 for them.  
> The movie script is as in the previous message.  
> As of now, I'll try smaller hash_max's and also if that's not good,
> reduce the size of my circular lipid bilayer.
> Many thanks for the quick response!
> Regards,
> -- Jason

Alan Wilter Sousa da Silva
Bolsista Pesquisador LAC-INPE
São José dos Campos (SP), Brasil

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