Hi Pymol/CCP4 users,

Can anyone recommend an MPEG encoder that handles larger-than-usual 
images? Specifically, I'd like to make a movie that plays as "full-screen" 
at some reasonable resolution, such as 1024x768 (or maybe even higher).

Absolute Requirements:

1. Handles large images gracefully. (I don't care if images have to be 
multiples of 16 pixels or not).
2. Can weave together an image stream (e.g., movie*.tga) AND an audio 
track (mp3 required; other formats would be nice)...movie must have a 
3. Produces high-quality output (no glitches, raspy noise in audio, etc.).
4. Uses readily-available (standard?) codecs (for the Windows world, 
unfortunately), i.e., not looking for bleeding edge. Cross platform 
compatibility of the output MPEG would be a definite plus.


5. Can be tweaked (e.g., different I/O settings, compression/quality, 
6. Executables for different platforms (Linux, Win2K).
7. Low cost (shareware? I'm by-and-large disappointed with "professional" 
s/w these days!). But if there is something that really works well (i.e., 
does all of the above flawlessly, and more), I'm willing to pay!

I have looked at a fair number of free/shareware programs, as well as some 
rather expensive "professional" (read bloated) software. The best I've 
found so far is TMPGEnc from http://www.tmpgenc.net/ , which is very fast, easy 
to use, and made 
very nice ouput (MPEG-2). Unfortunately, it does not handle images larger 
than 720 x 576 pixels.

Some (like HTVideo6.0) seem to promise good things, but then produce 
low-quality (glitchy) output, or take hours to compress what TMPGEnc can 
do in a couple of minutes.

(apologies if you got this message twice)

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