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I think this message is mostly for Warren and an FYI for
nvidia users. There is a question at the end though.

        Graphics card = Nvidia Quadro 700 XGL
        NVIDIA Driver = Either 53.36 or the previous one.
        PyMOL = 0.95

Error message:
        OpenGL-Error: Where? During Rendering: invalid operation

All other nvidia cards work well without errors which makes me
believe there is something funny with this specific card model
(we have 2 of these cards giving the error).

I noticed that up to 0.93 you didn't have the glGetError on the C code
so maybe it could be something happening prior to 0.95.

PyMOL seems to run fine but it keeps spitting the error messages
constantly. I tried disabling feedback of opengl errors with

        feedback disable,opengl,everything

but it didn't work

        feedback disable,all,everything

works but some feed back is always nice. Is there a good combination
of the feedback args that will only disable the opengl messages?

Many thanks,
 Ezequiel Panepucci, Ph.D. - Laboratory of Prof. Axel Brunger
 HHMI - Stanford University
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