I don't know much abotu Pmw, but when I compile the CVS version of PyMOL
and the included version of PMW (1.1) with python 2.3, things break a bit.
When I run pymol, the main window shows up but the gui doesn't.  I get a
traceback that ends with

  File "/home/mlerner/pymol/modules/Pmw/Pmw_1_1/lib/PmwMenuBar.py", line
188, in _addHotkeyToOptions
    underline = string.atoi(menubutton.cget('underline'))
  File "/usr/lib/python2.3/string.py", line 220, in atoi
    return _int(s, base)
TypeError: int() can't convert non-string with explicit base

I'm not sure what cget is supposed to do, but in this case, it's returning
0 rather than a string.

Upgrading to the most recent version of Pmw that I can find (1.2) fixes
the problem.


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