This sounds like a typo in your bashrc file, wherein code is being
accidentally run instead of being used to define a path or alias, etc.
Another possibility could be that the Terminal application has somehow
stored some kind of state that is being restored on launch (this used to
happen on early versions of Mac OS X).

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Subject: [PyMOL] problem with pymol on FC6

Hi all

I have recently downloaded the pymol on my FC6. Normally when i install a
program, i give a pathname of my program excutable in my .bashrc and then i
could launch the program by running "pymol" in a terminal application
launcher. But, this time whta happened that after installation i have
defined the path for pymol but, before launching with terminal whenever i
opens up the terminal for any purpose. pymol opensup automatically even
without envoking the launcher pymol.
kindly can anyone help me...

thanks in advance


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