I know in the past I've had trouble with importing modules like PyOpenCL before 
forking.  To fix that, I've made a habit of only importing PyOpenCL in the 
worker itself (after the workers have started).  Though I don't think I've 
actually tried multiprocessing with PyOpenCL on a Mac yet.  Don't know if that 
is your problem.  Good luck!


From: Paul Kuntke <paulk at turmlabor.de>
Date: Thu Feb 15 06:21:15 EST 2018


Hi pyopenCL-List,

I hope some here can help me. I'm trying to start openCL-Code from inside a 
python multiprocessing worker. Everything woks fine wihh this on my linux-box. 
But on my Mac (OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, python3.6, pyopencl 2018_1) a Error-Box 
is popping up, saying my process exited unexpectedly and nothing happens.

OpenCL without  or outside multiprocessing seems to work fine as well as 
multipocessing without OpenCL uns fine, too. Cl_Buffers can be created. Only 
compiling CL-Code and running CL-Kernels does'nt work.

Is anyone experiencing similiar behaviour?
Is it a general limitation to avoid starting opencl-Kernels from multipocessing 
Are there any workarounds?

Best wishes


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